Bring your brick & mortar business online

Connect with your clients.
Send targeted campaigns at the perfect moment.
Bring your customers online and sell.

The only complete solution to convert your physical customers into loyal online buyers

Use a Wi-Fi portal to make free
social media advertisement
and optimize your marketing

Build a client list

Collect information from your customers with our Wi-Fi technology. Build a community with profiles and email addresses.

Foot traffic and presence analytics

Measure your attraction rate and retention performance thanks to SY5 foot traffic and presence analytics.

Advertise your audience

Send targeted emails and SMS campaigns to your customers in just a few clicks. The easy way to direct your thousands of customers to your business!

Increase loyalty and sell online

Attract your customers and generate sales, orders and reservations directly on the web thanks to our online ordering system.

Build your customer community

First step: create a relationship. SY5 Wi-Fi automatically collects your customer’s addresses and contacts by subscribing them to your newsletter. You can also obtain valuable KPIs to better understand the traffic in your establishment and assess your attractiveness.

Send targeted E-mail and SMS campaigns

Collect the contacts of thousands of customers. Thanks to the SY5 e-mail marketing platform, send targeted e-mails and SMS messages to your visitors based on specifics (frequency of visits, birthday, profile, etc.) and newsletters to all to share upcoming events, promotions, news and more!

Take online orders

Online ordering system for shops and restaurants. Integrate it to your website or on your own branded mobile App. It allows you to receive and manage online orders. Whether for delivery, take-out or on site. Be more efficient, visible and increase your sales!

See how SY5 can propel your business