Structured Wi-Fi network & IT solutions for small and large companies.

Structured Wi-Fi networks installation in small, medium or larges businesses. Installation, hardware, configuration and active management included in a reasonable monthly payment.

Installing a Wi-Fi network in your company allows you to benefit from an accessible wireless connection wherever you are. It is a complex project with multiple variables.

Network infrastructure will play a major role in the success of your operations. A high-performance computer network reduces the risk of loss of efficiency and increases your speed of execution. Our team will ensure that your network is always safe, fast and optimal.

Several elements such as materials, space, wall thickness, microwaves and various devices can interfere with the Wi-Fi network, so we do the coverage tests and propose an optimal network architecture.

In addition to the installation of access points (antennas) to your company’s Wi-Fi network, we ensure the security of your network, user authentication, configuration and traceability of connections.

Take advantage of the benefits of an efficient Wi-Fi network in your workplace

  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Process automation

A network infrastructure adapted to your work environment

A tailor-made price.

Starting at $19.95/month

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Get ready for the era of Internet Of Things

Thanks to a high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure capable of securely supporting hundreds of simultaneous devices.

A cloud computing technology that allows rigorous management of your network.

Usage time
of connections
of malicious use

Need a public guest Wi-Fi?

Opt for a simplified and secure experience.
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Our turnkey solution and continuous support.

  • Identification of your business needs
  • Installation of your infrastructure
  • Setup
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Ready to build your project?

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Ready to build your project?

Contact us for a custom quote