Maximize the return on investment
of your clients’ events!

Suggest a new technology

Customers of all types of businesses ask for Wi-Fi. Suggest a Wi-Fi portal that will also provide value for the merchant.

Help the business or brand shine

Through a SY5 Wi-Fi portal, visitors are encouraged to follow brands on social media and start a conversation about the businesses they visit.

Generate data

Gather names, email addresses, birthdays and more information on visitors. Use this data for remarketing purposes.

Create targeted marketing campaigns

Create effective promotions and give customers a reason to come back with easy-to-use and automated marketing campaign features!

Our Wi-Fi marketing solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of agencies’ customers. Use our platform to collect customer data and optimize your Google, Facebook and email campaigns.

Whatever the strategic objectives of your communication plan, SY5 can help you.

New way to convert qualified customers into Facebook or Instagram followers for a fraction of the cost.
Enrich the customer database and obtain specific socio-demographic profiles.

Increase the number of business mentions on different platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook and others.

The best tool to generate potential leads from visitors who attend an event.

Many agencies use our solutions to make their offer portfolio stand out.

Many agencies use our solutions to make their offer portfolio stand out.