Coronavirus Could Benefit Restaurants Industry

You read it right: Coronavirus (COVID-19) could not be as dommageable for the restaurant industry on the short-term.

Indeed, the strength of the restaurant industry lies in the fact that it serves a primary need: food. No matter that we are in a pandemic, people will not stop eating. It is very likely that by isolating themselves, people will avoid grocery stores and will fall more on restaurants that have certain health benefits. Restaurateurs are key players in supplying the population and they have the capacity and the workforce to meet demand.

The urge to eat prepared, quick or quality food is not going to fade; it’s the way you consume that will change. While local consumption is likely to disappear, home delivery could surge.

The current pandemic will therefore likely be beneficial for the restaurant industry as a whole, but only for restaurateurs who can adapt. Consumers could even spend more than normal on food in the coming weeks. This demand will obviously focus on consumption at home. We are living in a paradigm shift that will benefit restaurants that will adapt.

That said, consumers are not going to lower their expectations and they will continue to want finely prepared meals. Thus, the winners will not only be fast food restaurants and establishments that already offer delivery. Restaurateurs with a more refined offer can certainly do well and take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself.


Closing doors and laying off workers is not the answer.

Rent and other fixed costs will have to be assumed, with or without a pandemic. Full-service restaurants must make use of their equipment and employees in order to offer an offer adapted to the current situation.

To achieve this, restaurateurs must reduce their variable expenses and offer an online delivery offer now. There are many options for outsourcing delivery management, popular platforms allow you to activate a delivery service within hours.

People will quickly be looking for a more or less refined food offer and will call on the establishments they know. Communicate with your customers to inform them that your menu is available for delivery and reassure them about your hygiene measures.

Will you be ready to meet the demand?



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