Marketing your restaurant: 5 good practices

Being a restaurant owner is full of challenges. Competition is fierce, and to survive, you must constantly find ways to attract new customers… and keep them. So how do you stand out from the rest? How do you attract new customers and make them want to come back? In this post, SY5 talks about 5 good practices for marketing your restaurant, and guess what? We have a soft spot for the fifth one!


  1. Create an efficient website

What’s an efficient website? It’s a website that turns your visitors into customers. Ask yourself what your customers want to know. These days, when people want to find out about new restaurants, they tend to go online. Make sure you answer all their questions: hours of operation, menu, special offers, how to make reservations, what other customers thought of their experience… Customers also love to order or make reservations online, so offer them that option. Of course, you also need to make sure that the photos of your food and decor are attractive. In short, your website should be mouth-watering!


  1. Use social networks

We all know that social networks have become essential, and for their marketing, companies can no longer do without them. But what’s the key to success? How can you stand out from the competition? First, you have to choose the right networks. You should focus on the most relevant ones. LinkedIn can be interesting for recruiting staff, but to attract customers, focus on the two main ones, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the social network with the most users. The platform offers plenty of opportunities for interaction. Offer stimulating content: contests, polls on favorite dishes, asking for suggestions… There are many possibilities, so be creative! The Instagram platform is more about visual presentation, and its users are generally quite young. To attract young, trendy clients, it’s perfect! However, make sure to present professional-looking photos. Quality branding is crucial.


  1. Be visible on Google

To be visible in search engines, you need more than just a website! There are some golden rules to respect. Think that to find a new restaurant, many potential customers will turn to their phone. Make sure that your website is optimized for smartphone search. It’s also imperative that you register with Google My Business. This way, your customers will be able to leave reviews and you will appear on Google Map.


  1. Send out newsletters

Email campaigns are powerful marketing tools! By sending newsletters, you no longer rely on algorithms. These campaigns are received by 90% of your subscribers while only 5% of them see them on their feed. With our integrated email marketing platform, you can share your events, promotions or news, for example. But to do so, you’ll need to start building your mailing list. So where do you start? How do you acquire your customers’ email addresses? That’s where the next point gets interesting…


  1. Use Wi-Fi marketing

These days, customers want access to free Wi-Fi wherever they go. With our Wi-Fi solution for cafes, bars and restaurants, your customers will have access to it and you can collect valuable information, including their email address. But that’s not all. Your Wi-Fi portal will invite your customers to talk about you on social networks and follow your pages. To increase your sales, you can also expose them to advertising.



With these good practices, it will be easier to attract customers and keep them coming back. So don’t miss the boat! To order our complete Wi-Fi solution, visit: