A solution for Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Do you offer free Wi-Fi to your customers?
Get the most out of it.

Offer Wi-Fi to your customers

Your guests want free Wi-Fi. Offer them thru a simple portal with your business’ image. No more passwords!

Get closer to your customers

They connect using their e-mail address or social network account (Facebook, Instagram, etc). This will build a complete customer database.

Generate advertising

Your Wi-Fi portal allows your visitors to talk about you on social networks and to follow you. Your satisfied customers will invite their friends to your place.

Loyalty and reward

Create automated campaigns to reach your customers through emails and social networks. Send them targeted promotions, surveys etc. 65% of customers will return.

Receive and install our equipment

We will send you a SY5 access point and a very easy installation guide to follow. The SY5 equipment does not affect your existing system and you will not have to configure anything. You just plug it in to increase your visibility and build your customer database!

Customize customer experience

  • Create your WiFi portal’s interface with your business colours
  • Reach out to customers via advertisements and promotions to increase your sales
  • Engage your customers directly by building loyalty when they connect to your portal

Make your customers your ambassadors and encourage word-of-mouth!

By connecting to the SY5 Wi-Fi portal, your customers are invited to indicate on their Facebook page their presence at your establishment as well as leaving a good comment or rating.

When your customers ‘’check in’’ to your establishment they are informing hundreds of their friends about your business. There is no better advertising than word of mouth!

Let your automated campaigns boost your sales!

Learn all about your most loyal customers!

From their first name to their e-mail address to the consumption habits and frequency of their visits, take advantage of your dashboards to better target your customers.

Each new customer is added to your marketing database so you can reach him with targeted promotions!

The availability of Wi-Fi influences 64%
of people in their choice of a restaurant

The availability of Wi-Fi influences 64%
of people in their choice of a restaurant