The solution to turn your customers into ambassadors

Offer Wi-Fi to your customers
and generate word-of-mouth

Enhance your customer’s

Thanks to a professional portal tailored to your establishment, provide your customers with a simple and personalized access.

Get your customers to refer your business

Encourage your clients to refer new customers by leveraging the exponential effect of social networks.

Connect with your customers

Collect names, email addresses, birthdays and much more information about your customers.

Develop a relationship and build loyalty

Engage with your customers and give them a reason to come back by sending customized marketing campaigns automatically and simply!

Receive and install our equipment

We will send you a SY5 access point and a very easy-to-follow installation guide. Our equipment does not affect your existing infrastructure and you will not have to configure anything.

Plug it in or entrust us with the installation

Customize your customer’s

  • Create your Wi-Fi portal’s interface in your brand’s colours.
  • Expose your customers to advertisements and promotions to increase your sales.
  • Engage with your customers directly and build a relationship with them when they connect to your portal.

Turn your customers into ambassadors
and enjoy word-of-mouth!

By connecting to the Wi-Fi with SY5 portal, your customers are invited to post about their presence at your establishment on their Facebook page and leave a positive comment.

Your customers check in to your establishment, updating hundreds of their friends at the same time. There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth!

Enable automated emails to improve your SEO!

Implement automated e-mail campaigns via targeted promotions based on your clients’ visit frequency, age, birthday, etc.!

Re-contact your customers with targeted promotions according to their visit frequency, their age, their anniversary date, etc.!

The solution to turn your customers into ambassadors

The solution to turn your customers into ambassadors